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Fraternal Twins "PUCK! I know this is your doing! Wait till I get my hands on you!", Demona yelled and her voice almost flipped.
"Oh but you look quite adorable in that uniform, 'Dominique'!", Elisa teased.
"Rrrrrraaaargh! I'll show you!", Dominique screamed and almost jumped into Elisa's face.
"Will ye two stop this racket right now!", a deep voice rumbled from the other end of the room and both girls whirled around surprisedly to find a bearded man standing in the doorway.
"Can't I read me morning newspaper in peace without ye two magpies yellin' yer heads off at each other all the time?"
"Hudson?", both gaped at him in unison.
"Hmm, what became of 'Uncle Hudson'? But aye, it's me, and who did ye expect tae find? Yiur dad gave up trying tae settle yuir senseless arguments long ago!"
The two looked at each other dumbfounded. "Dad???"
2001-06-04 Rated: PG
Story should be suitable for minors.
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