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Submission Guidelines

  • Make sure the Title of the story, the author's name AND EMAIL are on the first 2 lines of the story. Look at one of the other stories to see how you can do this. Even though the pages will show your story's title, as well as your name, email and web page address (when appropriate), placing this information at the top of the story will allow the search engine to find it.
  • IF YOUR STORY HAS ADULT CONTENT, please make sure the appropriate warnings for extreme violence, profanity, or sexual sitiations are part of your description, as well as choosing the appropriate rating (just like the movies).
    There have been a few complaints lately. I know, warnings do more to attract than to deter. A warning would cover both the author and the Web Site from legal action, however. Also, make sure this information is in your story as well as within our database. This will again keep the search engine happy.
  • Make sure it's a text file (not a word processor document). Beware of word processors. They often save text files with strange characters on the ends of lines (and sometimes even somewhere IN the text). If possible, just use a text editor like emacs, vi, Windows Notepad, or Mac SimpleText. Files in HTML format are perfectly acceptable, and even preferable. View your story in your browser as a local file before submitting it. This will test the word-wrapping, and special characters (at least most of them).
  • Word wrap it to 80 columns (not necessary if it's in HTML format). If it is in text format, be sure to insert a carriage return and the end of *every* line. Notepad can do this automatically, or just press enter when you come to the end of the line. Don't let a word processor do it, though.
    If you editor gives you a choice for line break style (PC, Mac, UNIX), choose UNIX. As you can tell from many of the stories, most editors do wierd things. Take a small piece of your story and bring it up in Notepad or SimpleText. Look for word-wrapping and strange characters. Pay special attention to quotation marks and such. If you see strange characters where some punctuation is supposed to be, fix them, or they will appear that way when your story is posted.
  • Please make sure that you add a short description of your story to the database entry. More people will be apt to read your story if they know what it is about.